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Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 Olsen Family Update:

Each day is a precious gift, and they go fast. In the midst, we are intentional to stop time as a family and anchor solid time together throughout the week, and on vacations and holidays.  

NATHAN (14 yrs. -9th grade) is outdoorsy and creative, 1st Year in public high school, BoyScouts (1st Class), loves campouts, GoPro- Beach, photography, Stand-up Bass player, serving, graduated Mariners Christian School, now enrolled in F.E.A.T. (Foothill Engineering and Technology) program @ FHS.
Nathan's Troop in Joshua Tree
Nathan's 8th Grade Graduation with the Grandmas
Nathan in Hawaii
Check out some of his work:
  • Video:
  • Photos:

KEZIAH (16 yrs. -11th grade) is joyful, runs Cross Country, received surprise Varsity Letter in Shot Put/Discus & Scholar Athlete Award, International Baccalaureate program @ FHS, cooking, knitting, Music: all district orchestra/violin,worship Leading (Sundays on keyboards & youth group with guitar) & youth choir.
Our Athlete Scholar

CAROLYN & RIC (18 yrs married) Carolyn –available each day ‘to love others’ and ‘to make a difference’ in a busy season of our lives.  
Ric travelled to Romania, trying to be a resource to pastors and leaders and lead our ekklesia. Okay, so I turned 50 and decided to use it rather than be defeated by it. 

Evening of Honor
Boys Run the OC 1/2 Marathon
FAMILY simply being together and snuggling, Hawaii/Kauai vacation with Grandma Georgie, saddened by our Loss of Grandma Peggy in November, still moments watching the waves crash and sunset at the beach.

On the Red Carpet with Grandma Peggy in celebration of her father's work at the Pantages in the 30's & 40's when she would go there after school to wait for him to get off work.
Have a blessed and Merry Christmas until He comes again!

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