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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer is coming!

Thanks for your prayers! I know it has been a while since I posted.  I have been getting my monthly prayer days, but with Resurrection Celebrations and  Israel preparations, it was a very busy couple of months.  Sorry I havent posted anything for you.  If you watch my facebook, you can tell what is going on.

I spent my prayer time yesterday at Marywood Center here in Orange.  It is up for sale ($27million to pay for the Crystal Cathedral).  It would be great to have a retreat center like this in Orange County.  Pray this can happen somehow!


  • On May 30, we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!  God is good!
  • Great trip to Israel.  Kids did fantastic.  Nathan just did a 2.5 hour presentation at school.
  • MCS Headmaster & OPD chief is interested in going to Israel.
  • We should be refinancing our home today or tomorrow.  This will  create some flexibility in our finances.
  • I am walking with another pastor on how to have monthly prayer days.
  • National Day of Prayer opened some great opportunities for the Body of Christ to be together including a time of prayer in the Police Department with the chief.


  • A potential speaking engagement in late summer with my family would be a great way to finish the summer.  I will be deciding in the next couple days.
  • We are trying to create margin in our family.  Space to allow God to lead, not our calendars.  Its hard with middle school aged kids.
  • Carolyn needs a procedure on her teeth soon.  She is having headaches.  It should be done in early June.
  • Over the summer I am finishing the Speaking calendar for 2013/14 and the Congregation calendar.
  • Pray for the Beacon finances.  It isnt pretty.
  • Planning has begun for the 2014 visit of 800 youth from all over North America.  Pray for strong partners in the city with vision.


  • June 7-8 Strategic Team Retreat
  • June 22-29 Since Carolyn used her vacation time in Israel, our vacation time as a family will only be one week this year, but the great news is we got 3 nights in Yosemite.
  • June 30 to July 6 For the rest of my vacation, NEO & I are headed to Boyscout Camp in Kern.  I will be one of 4 adults leading 23 boys.  Pray for safe driving in addition to the things mentioned above.
  • July 22-27 Nathan will be at Forest Home with our Children's Ministry.
  • July 21-27 Keziah will be with our youth on a mission trip to downtown LA.
Have a blessed summer!

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